DressLink wishlist

Hi everyone!
Today i'm bringing you another wishlist post.I just want to say for the previous one that i haven't ordered all the things from the wishlist and some things i haven't even added in the wishlist post so you'll see everything (i'll do a post) when the package arrives.
Todays wishlist items are from DRESSLINK store.
DRESSLINK is a store that has a lot to offer for very low price.I decided to show you today some items that i like from their store and some of them i'm waiting to arrive.

1) This bag reminds me so much of those expensive Chanel bags(my wish was always to have one).This one is obviously a cheaper version of it and it only costs 6,21$ which is a great price for this kind of bag.The bag style is really unique yet simple which makes it so beautiful(at least for me).
                                                                    Handbag :  HERE