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Hi everyone!

I'm back once again (how many times will I even write this in my blog, haha).

Today I want to talk about some fashion trends, specially shoe trends. Fashion spins around as they say and every once in a while something that was trendy long time ago, comes back again and becomes trendy so make sure to keep some of your mom's stuff, you'll never know when it will become a fashion statement once again.

When it comes to shoes, there were times when only platforms were trendy and there are times that now mostly heels without platforms are worn.

If you are searching to buy yourself some new shoes (and who isn't since it's time around Christmas and shoes are always a good gift), go and check out FSJ SHOES.

About the store:

"Funny she jill(FSJ) is a shoes brand, synchronized with the international fashion, taking super fashion design as well as an attractive price. FSJ means extremely “ Innovation “ or " Adventurous ", which symbolizes the modern women's life characteristics of pursuit for fashion and vitality. We aim to help women realize their dream of fashion and pursuit of quality. Launched in 1998, FSJ provides a complete assortment of FSJ merchandise to clients internationally. FSJ insists on the quality and upholds the excellent high standard of crafts. The sexy and fearless cut, fashionable design, and exceptional craftsmanship struck a chord with a sophisticated clientele makes FSJ become welcomed by customers and enjoys good reputation among the society. FSJ, spares no effort to make every product special and impeccable."

Lately I've been seeing a lot of kitten heels and in case you are searching some to buy, make sure to check out FSJ.
The ones that I like the most are black kitten heels and silver kitten heels, perfect to pair with an outfit on Christmas.

Also if you are maybe not fan of these types of heels, there are plenty of more to choose from on FSJ Shoes. From platform ones, sandals, mules, boots, you name it, they have it.

Make sure to check out FSJ Shoes for wide range of shoes and let me know, do you like kitten heels?

See you in the next post!


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