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Hi everyone!

As I said in my last post on Instagram, today I'm bringing you a new blog post!
This time, I thought about doing an outfit post in some other place away from my hometown, so today I'll show you together with my outfit, a nice place called Hajducke vode.

If you want to get away from the city and enjoy the nature-near city Teslic you can find Hajducke vode, a perfect place for enjoying and spending your free time in nature.

Hajducke vode is a place located on the slopes of the Borje mountain and it provides mountain wellness&spa together with the nature around you to explore. The Hajducke vode complex consists of a hotel, restaurant and a wellness&spa center. Next to the hotel is also tennis court and also there are trails for walking and running as well as the trail for mountain bike riding.

Unfortunately, in this post I can't talk about their wellness&spa service since I only was there for a few hours. However, the nature around the hotel is really beautiful and the walking trails are really nicely maintained. The only bad thing I have to say about Hajducke vode is that the restarant has a poor service. It took around 2 hours for the waiters to bring food and drinks on the table and there wasn't so many people in the restaurant. Also, the food came a little bit cold, so that's the only bad thing I have to say about this place.

To get on the outfit part of the post- I wore a casual outfit since I wanted to be comfortable while driving to Hajducke vode and walking around. For my outfit, I wore a white t-shirt from DRESSLILY store. The only complaint I have about this t-shirt is that it isn't made from the best material that you would want to wear during the summer and also, it is a little bit short on me so I think I'm going to wear it more around the house than in any of my next outfit posts.

Hope you like the photos and let me know, would you like to read more "travel&outfit" posts on my blog :)

See you in the next post!



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