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New outfit post, yay! I actually really get excited when I need to do an outfit post, because I love sharing with you my outfits and I love to hear your reactions and thoughts about them :)

For today's post, I have a new collaboration and with this one, I have to say I'm super satisfied. The brand that I'll be talking about in today's post is FEMMELUXEFINERY.

Femmeluxefinery.co.uk is a brand that I haven't heard about before, but when they reached me and when I saw their website, I was really interested to see what the products are like. The website is really well created and you can easily manage to find what you are searching for.
Femmeluxefinery has a lot of categories, from dresses, co-ords ,lounge wear sets and even ribbed lounge wear sets and knitted lounge wear sets.

Today, I thought that the best way to show you all the things I ordered from Femmeluxefinery.co.uk is to do a one big outfit post in which I'll feature all the products that I ordered from them. Also, I want to mention that the products arrived really well packaged and they arrived in 7 days which is super fast and all of the jeans I ordered in size 12.

In today's post I'll be talking about: Black Belted Trousers-Sascha, Khaki Cargo Slim Fit Trouser-Sunny, Dark Wash Ripped High Waist Skinny Jeans-Alicia, Houndstooth Paper Bag Slim Fit Trousers.

Black Belted Trousers-Sascha: I have to say that I'm really satisfied with these pants. They are made of a soft material, not see through but again, you need to watch out what kind of lingerie are you wearing beneath because of the lingerie lines. I combined these pants with my high heels from some brand (I don't even know anymore from which one have I ordered these) and with my Shein blouse. The pants are really well made, not having any stitches coming out anywhere and they are really easy to put on, since they are made of a stretchy material. I would say that this kind of pants you can wear both on heels and sneakers and they will still look good and stylish. This kind of outfit isn't a typical outfit for me, but again, we all need to dress up from time to time and be little bit more stylish. Once again I can see myself wearing these pants with my Vans in the upcoming summer days.

Khaki Cargo Slim Fit Trouser-Sunny: When I was ordering these pants, on the image, they looked longer and that they reach the ankles, but when these arrived, they were higher than my ankle. I don't mind this, because usually I rise my pants or jeans above my ankle during summer, but again, if you would like to order these pants, it's a good information to know that they are not that long as on the image. The material is good and when I say good, I mean breathable and your legs aren't sweating in these pants. I made a casual outfit around these pants, but again if you want to style them up, it's super easy with some heels and a nice tank top. There aren't any stitches coming out and also, they are made out of a stretchy material so they are super easy to wear. For this outfit post, I combined these pants with my Terranova t-shirt that I got from men section last year and with Vans sneakers.

Houndstooth Paper Bag Slim Fit Trousers: I was super excited about these pants when I was ordering, but when they arrived, they kind of dissapointed me. The dissapointment is only because of what I wanted and what was represented on the website and in the end what I got. If you enter the website, you'll see on the image that the pants are high waisted and that they have certain print on them. When these arrived, they look nothing alike, but again I will tell you my opinion on what I got. These pants are comfy, the material is maybe a little bit on the thicker side for the summer but again you can wear them during the summer and they aren't high waisted. I'm the type of girl that likes high waisted jeans and pants, because I think that they suit my body shape the best, but again I can see myself wearing these pants. The only thing I would say that is bad about these pants is that they have a little bit of damage on one pocket (when I say damage, I mean that the black ink that was used for the pattern on the pants leaked or something similar so the print doesn't look quite nice on the pocket, but again the damage is so small that you really need to look closely in order to see it). I kind of struggled when I was looking for what to wear with these pants, but in the end I went for a casual combination with some Vans, basic white t-shirt from DressLily and Romwe denim jacket.

Dark Wash Ripped High Waist Skinny Jeans-Alicia: From all of the pants that I ordered, I am most satisfied with these ripped jeans. These are made super well, really stretchy and fit me amazingly. I decided to combine these with my Shein off shoulder top, but again, these jeans can be combined in so many ways with so many things and I really love those kind of pieces of clothing that I can wear with so many stuff from my closet. These jeans are ripped on the knees but I would say that those ripps are the thing that makes them so cute. I found no stitches coming out or loose threads and the button and the zip are really well made. Also, these jeans are normal length (reaching my ankles) but as I said previously, I like to roll them up above my ankle. I am going in 2 days on a trip and I'll for sure bring these jeans with me.

Hope you like the photos and please let me know, which outfit is your favourite, 1, 2, 3 or 4? Also make sure to visit Femmeluxefinery for more amazing picks, because I surely will!

See you in the next post!


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