Morning routine


Hi everyone!
How does your day start? Do you have some special routine?
In this post I decided to talk about my "morning routine" even though I can't say that I actually have one that sounds so special.

So first of all I get up every morning around 7:45 am and do my hygiene stuff (washing teeth,brushing my hair -the usuall stuff to shorten it up).I rarely do my makeup in the morning since I'm always lazy to do it and I would have to get up even earlier to do it (I'm a slow person when it comes to applying makeup).
Also I rarely apply any kind of face cream since in some way I just don't have a habit of applying it.
After doing my basic hygiene I do my breakfast.I usually eat every morning some cereals and that's enough for me in the morning.Sometimes I drink some tea.
After finishing with my breakfast or drinking the tea I get dressed and go to the college (my classes start at 9:00 am).I never prepare the clothes that I'm going to wear the night before since whenever I did that the weather would've changed in the morning and I would have to start searching for new clothes.
If it's weekend the only thing that changes in my morning routine is that I get up little later,around 9:00 am.

For the photos in this post I'm wearing "Ok,but first coffee" sweatshirt from GAMISS store and I have a mug with a fluid in it that looks like coffee-to actually reveal a little secret to you,I'm definitely not a coffee person and that's not coffee in the mug,lol.
For some reason I never liked coffee and could never understand "I can't live without coffee" type of people.
Even though I'm not a coffee person I still like the sweatshirt and find it very nice.It's made out of cotton even though the sleeves are a little bit short.The sweatshirt comes in two colours : grey and black but I decided to get myself a black one.
If you like the sweatshirt,you can check it out HERE.

Hope you like the post and please let me know is your morning routine similar to mine!
How do you spend your morning?

Hope you like the photos!

See you in the next post!



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  1. Great post dear

    Have a nice day! :)

  2. Odličan post, ali majica je izdominirala ^_^.

    Moj mali kutak

  3. Majica je apsolutno prekrasna, a i frizurica ti je slatka. Opuštena i chic. Pratim te :)

    Lijep pozdrav s bloga...

  4. I am also lazy for make up in the morning)) Very nice post)

  5. I ja sam pristalica jednostavne rutine i ne šminkam se ako ne idem nigde, mislim da je to i najbolje za kožu. Ja sam jedan od tih tipova ličnosti koji dan započinje kafom (kao što si videla na mom prethodnom postu) ali razumem i ljude koji nisu... Majica je super! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  6. Predivna si .. ni moja se morning rutina nista ne razlikuje od tvoje haha , previse sam lijena ujutro :) majica je cute *-*

    Charming Coco

  7. My morning starts with a cup of coffee :)! I need a lot of time for breakfast and then I go to the horsestable.
    I follow you - you want to follow me?
    Bye, Christine

  8. Thanks for telling about the coffee.
    I'm totally with you as I also don't like coffee but love tea.
    Best wishes

  9. Oh I love it your sweater darling

  10. Tijanice, izrazito mi je drago sto vidim post na ovu temu bas na tvom blogu. Obozavam i tebe i tvoj blog, zaista si mi jedna od omiljenih blogerki tako da mi je drago da sam procitala ovako nesto i saznala nesto novo o tebi! Sjajan post!


  11. Beautiful styling :)

  12. Great post dear , u are so cute <3

  13. Wish I have so dreamy long morning))
    I`m following ur blog with a great pleasure via GFC and Google+
    Please join me
    Sunny Eri: beauty experience

  14. отличный пост

  15. Imamo slicnu rutinu! Takodjer sam spora sa sminkanjem, a za skolu se ne sminkam i radije to dodatno vrijeme provedem u spavanju. Majica mi se jako dopada i natpis se definitivno moze primijeniti na moj zivot. Divno izgledas :)

  16. great blog and loved your tea about coffee saying.. i am addicted to coffee
    keep in touch

  17. Great pics!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  18. !Congratulations on your work, I love the photos!!happy Sunday!

  19. Ótimo post! lindas fotos *.*
    Obrigada pela visita, linda!!
    Boa semana pra você! Até mais. Beijos ;*

  20. Great post !!
    I love your striped socks

  21. I love coffee!
    Great post!
    New post on my blog,I'm waiting for u!
    Kisses C.

  22. I have a similar sleep shirt that also says "But First, Coffee" =) Super cute!

    Rina Samantha

  23. I wake up around 6am and laze around in bed until about 6:30. Its always interested to see what others do in the morning. lovely pics :)

  24. Perfect! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too

  25. Nice post! I wake up in 6am! I like coffe, but i dont drink coffe at morning because im so lazy.. I like you post!
    please see my blog; fashionworldlovelife

  26. Tako si mi sva nekako slatka u ovom postu. Majica i frizura predivni, totalno moj fazon. Dopada mi se što si nekako opuštena, slike izgledaju opušteno. Sjajan post draga☺

  27. i can't start my morning without coffee!
    style frontier

  28. I love your tee. One of the first things I do every morning is reach for my coffee.

  29. Prelijepa si stvarno si vrh,jos sa makeup-om pa tad bi bila ......aj da ne odugovlacim odlican post i sastav stvarno se trudus da sve nekako bude super
    p.s pratim tvoj blog,uzvrati

  30. Excellent post and beautiful pictures. I follow you, so if you can fight back.

    Moj Šminkeraj Blog

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  32. Great routine! I always need to have my morning coffee x

    Pink Frenzy

  33. Obozavam kafu, te sam na prvi pogled zaljubila u tvoju majicu! Prelepa je,a i ti si preslatka :) Odlican post :*

  34. Cool post :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

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