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Hi everyone!

Recently I managed to get in touch with GLAMOT and in collaboration with them I received 2 ArtDeco products that I'll be talking about today.
I'm actually pretty excited to share this post with you, since I heard all the best about ArtDeco products and I'm very thankful to GLAMOT for wanting to collaborate with me.

About GLAMOT :
The company NECY s.r.o. was officially established in 2008, but our team has been running the business since 2003. In 2013 the whole company was moved to new modern premises in Uherske Hradiste (Czech Republic). Our company tries to follow these principles:
1.fairness to customers
2.effective product offer
3.responsible behaviour to environment, nature and other beings 

GLAMOT is a store from Czech Republic with wide range of high quality products. Once we got to an agreement the products were sent to me and not long after that they were in my hands waiting to be tried out. The products came nicely packaged, carefully wrapped in order not to get damaged. GLAMOT really pays attention about the products coming undamaged to their customers. I highly recommend their store since next to the ArtDeco products that I'll talk about today in this post, they have a wide range of products from other brands like Essie, Alcina, Revlon, Z.ONE, Wella and many others.

In todays post I'll present you 2 products from their make up face category: ARTDECO HIGH DEFINITION LOOSE POWDER and ARTDECO CAMOUFLAGE STICK.


Manufacturer words:"Micro-fine, loose powder perfect for invisible fixing the make-up. In contrast to conventional powders, due to their coarse-grained texture, on closer inspection they're often visible, but the High Definition Compact Powder flatters the skin and invisibly coats it. The micro-fine powder particles melt together with the skin, perfectly fix the make-up and leave a delicate transparent matt finish."

My opinion:
I had high expectations since I heard all the best about ArtDeco products and I have to say that I wasn't disappointed. The loose powder comes in such a high quality packaging and it doesn't open so easily so you don't have to worry about having the powder all over your bag. The texure of the product is really smooth but it does contain a smell which somehow reminds of me dentist (call me crazy but it really reminds me on that, lol). Luckily the smell goes away as soon as you apply the product on your face. Together with the loose powder you get a small puff with ArtDeco sign on it. The puff is really useful for applying the product and I usually apply the powder with it. I ordered my ArtDeco loose powder in shade Light Ivory. There are 2 more shades: Soft Cream and Soft Fawn. You get 8g of loose powder in this package which I think is a really nice amount. In general I'm highly satisfied with this product and would recommend it to everyone since it really sets the make up on your face and doesn't let it "move" + it feels super light on the face.


Manufacturer words:"Waterproof cover stick in plastic sleeve to cover imperfections, such as under-eye circles, redness, scars and skin impurities. Very long-lasting, waterproof product. It has a soft, creamy texture.You obtain precise corrections with the fine tip. How to use: Apply to parts or areas of the skin to be covered and distribute with finger."

My opinion:
As you can see on the photos, the product is already used a lot. I haven't bought myself Jumbo sharpener so I couldn't sharpen the stick which led to taking photos on which the camouflage stick doesn't look the best. At least looking at the photos you can see how much I love this product. I ordered it in shade Fair Vanilla but there are 2 more shades: Neutralizing Green and Decent pink. You get 1.60g of product and the only flaw is that it runs out really easily. The product is nicely pigmented, doesn't contain any chemical smell (or dentist smell, lol) and is really practical for using. It covers the dark circles nicely and it has a tip which is precise but again spreads the product very well. It feels smooth on the face and the product is a little bit creamy, but that only makes it easier for use. In general I'm satisfied with it and once I spend this camouflage stick I'll surely go to the store and search in order to buy myself another one.

Hope you like the photos!
Make sure to check out GLAMOT for more amazing products in their store!
Also please let me know, have you used these products and what is your opinion about them?

See you in the next post!


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  1. Products seem to be great :)

  2. That powder looks really beautiful! I love the packaging as well. Very sleek, simple, but glamorous.

  3. Great post, the products seem really nice! 😘

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  5. Nisam probala iskreno ove proizvode. Cene su im ok, na slikama izgleda jako lepo ♥

    Veliki pozdrav, Kristina ♥

  6. Wow, so interesting products! I didn't try it but these look so interesting and really useful! Like them a lot! Great review, dear Tijana!

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  7. I'm glad you like those products, thanks for sharing! I hope I'll get the chance to try them out :)

  8. Odlican post,nisam probala nijedan od proizvoda, ali mi deluju vrlo primamljivo :))

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  11. Great post my dear, I never had products from these brands, I must to try it :-)

  12. Ja sam svojevremeno koristila Artdeco ljubičastu maskaru i bila je sjajna, uverena sam da su i ovi proizvodi jako kvalitetni! :D

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  15. thanks for sharing! too bad about the other product. We have this brand in my country also :)

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    Fotkice su predivne.
    Želim ti lijepu i uspješnu sedmicu, draga!

  18. Interesting beauty products. We keep in touch. xx

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