Makeup Revolution Beauty Party Look Bundle


Hi everyone!
Long time, no see, I know! A lot of things happened in my life and therefore my blog suffered.
I didn't had the time to dedicate myself to my blog but now I'm back with a new post and today I'll actually be reviewing a brand whose products I wanted to try out for such a long time - Makeup Revolution.

Since I had such a big desire to try out their products, I decided as a reward for myself for passing 5 exams in a short time, to grant myself the desire. I didn't quite know which products to order, so I went on a category Gift Sets on TamBeauty (it seems that they changed their name to Revolution Beauty) and picked one of their bundles. The bundle that I picked is called Revolution Beauty Party Look Bundle and unfortunately it is sold out now, but all of the products from this bundle you can get individually on their store. The bundle costed £15 (20,90$)
The bundle contains :

  • Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter – Champagne Kiss
  • Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick - Chauffeur
  • I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Golden Bar
  • Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara Black

I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Golden Bar :

This palette is absolutely amazing. Eyeshadows come in a plastic packaging which looks like a melted chocolate, how amazing is that! Besides the absolute amazement with the packaging, the quality of the product is really good. I have to say that I haven't done any research before ordering this palette and when I found out that it was all shimmer, I wasn't really amazed. However, when the palette arrived I totally changed my opinion and fell in love with it. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is really good and I'm thinking about ordering another palette but with matte eyeshadows. On the photos you can see that I'm using the palette quite a lot and mostly I use eyeshadows by the name Edible, Wrapper, Box, Block, Gift and Chocolatier. Also besides the great quality and pigmentation of these eyeshadows, I love the smell which doesn't contain anything chemical in it and actually reminds of something edible, so I'm quite tempted to eat it while I'm using it, haha. Overall, for the price of £8,99 (12,52$) my impression is 10/10.

Makeup Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara Black :

I'm someone who struggles with my eyelashes. They are small and mostly when I do my makeup, people ask me why haven't I put mascara on. I haven't had high hopes for this mascara and the same hopes came true. Mascara is black with a huge wand which is somehow movable and collects way too much product even when I brush it off the edge of the packaging. It sticks my eyelashes together without providing any lift to them and the ending result isn't quite nice. I'm sure for people who don't struggle that much with their eyelashes as I do, this mascara would do great, but for me, nah.. The good sides of this mascara are the smell and the price - It costs £1,80 (2,50$) and smells really great (currently sold out).

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipstick
- Chauffeur :

As much as I love the palette, the same amount of love goes to this lipstick. The packaging is really cute and it actually reminds of some really weird shaped bullet, haha. The lipstick is creamy, which I love since matte lipsticks tend to dry my lips very much and don't provide a nice effect sometimes. The shade is called Chauffeur, a really nice nude shade for daily use and also those night out looks. I used it multiple times and always got questions about it. For the price of £3 (4,18$) it is worth buying!

Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter – Champagne Kiss

This is the product on which I cried internal tears when I saw what happened. The product arrived broken and in million pieces. However, searching for some Youtube tutorials and reading tips online, I found a solution for fixing it and in the end managed to get a complete product (I used 70% ethanol which you can buy in any pharmacy). The highlighter is super shimmery and if you somehow end up with the product on your hands or anywhere else from the desired place, you'll have troubles with not making everything around you on the touch shimmery. The higlighter is really intense and I'm one of those "subtle highlighter" type of girls, so I always put a really small amount of it. The price is £5 (6,96$).

Overall, I'm very pleased with the products and I'll surely try my best to try out even more Makeup Revolution products.
Please let me know, would you like that I do more reviews of this kind of products or the ones that you can get in the drugstore like Essence, Catrice, Rimmel etc.?  (Makeup Revolution products aren't available at the drugstores in my country).

Hope you like the photos!
See you in the next post!


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  1. Amazing photos and awesome products dear. :)

  2. The palette looks really great!
    Have a nice Sunday

  3. Great post love all the products look great.

  4. Your post is really beautiful. I missed your posts, because they were my favorites. You allways try to explain everything in detail to us who read your blog and that's great. I hope that you will post from now often and I can't wait to see more of you. <3 <3

  5. I have this chocolate palette only, that it is brittle :)

  6. These products look so good :) Wonderful post dear!

  7. I need to buy an I heart makeup eyeshadow palette, lot
    of people recommend them and say they are amazing! i use some highliters from
    make up revolution and they are quite good!
    I just discovered your blog and i really like it so i'm follow you now :)
    this is mine in case you want to check it out :D!


  8. Encantada de leer tu ultimo post!!!Espero que has tenido un fin de semana precioso!!!💜💜💜

  9. I really like the palette! Great products.

  10. Beautiful palette, great colors:)

  11. Nice post and great photos! :)

  12. Kvaliteta slika ti je nevjerojatna! I uvijek su me privlačile te 'čokolade' palete, ali ih nikad nisam imala prilike kupiti.

  13. AMAZING POST! I really like your blog, you put a lot of effort into it :) I wish you a great day!

    Also, I really want us be a great blogger friends, if you want to visit:
    Blog: Happy But Mess
    Instagram: @renatasagolj (I follow back)

  14. Great selection!

  15. I love them! such amazing colors of the makeup!
    Please visit my Blog!
    Alessa Bernal

  16. I have the palette. It's amazing!

  17. I also like this brand, they have amazing eye shadows palettes :)

  18. Dobro nam došla nazad :).

    Ova paletica izgleda nevjerovatno. Počev od pakovanja pa sve do ovih šljokičastih sjena ^_^
    Ali ne mogu ostati ravnodušna ni na hajlajt koji izgleda izvanredno. Isprobala sam nekoliko njih, ali ni jedan me nije nešto posebno oduševio.

    Želim ti lijep dan, draga :*

  19. Paletica izgleda fenomenalno. Baš mi se dopada, boje su skrooz kul, razmisliću da je probam. Sjajan postt draga moja!
    I da, slike su odlične, baš su kvalitetne. Čime slikaš?:)

  20. Slike su predivne! :)
    Hvala ti na ovoj odličnoj recenziji. ;)

    Visit me at:
    Shoot for the stars | ☆ ☆ ☆ | Facebook page

  21. I love the chocolate shaped eye-shadow am craving for chocolate

    Glowyshoes's blog

  22. I like this palette! :)

  23. That eyeshadow palette is a dream! I love the colors and the package is super pretty! :D

  24. Wow .. amei tudo!!! lindas cores das sombras *.*
    Obrigada pela visita, linda!
    Boa semana pra você!!! Até mais. Beijinhos ;*

  25. Hello,

    So cute !


  26. Great post, I like it :)

    new post

  27. odlična recenzija!! new post:

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  29. Everyone is raving about that palette, so I guess it has to be good. Great post and review, dear. :-)


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