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Hi guys!I know i haven't been active on my blog for a while but don't blame me,it's summer and you all know that the best things happen at summer.Today i want to show you a store who has all what a girl needs for her wedding and other special ocassions-AISLE STYLE.
Every girl since she's a kid thinks about what kind of wedding she will have and the most important what kind of wedding dress will she wear.Today i'll show you different kind of dresses i choosed for different kind of weddings(hope you'll like what i picked).Maybe this store will have the perfect dress that you wanted for a long time but couldn't find anywhere else.

1st WEDDING DRESS : If you want to show how elegant you are and to impress everyone-from your husband to all the loved ones who showed up at the wedding this is the dress you need to buy.You can get the dress HERE.

Trip to Greece! #2

Hi everyone! I know i haven't posted in a while and i really hate that i didn't,but i had a lot of things to do and it is summer so i don't like being so much next to the computer when the sun is shining and there are a lot of other things you can do outside.
You already know from my previous post that i went to Greece and that i had a nice time there.In this post i just want to share more photos with you guys and show you how lovely it was for me to go to Greece.Hope you don't mind that i will upload this many photos :) (Last 3 photos are from Niš,Serbia)
I want to thank everyone who so far followed me over GFC,Bloglovin or in any other kind of way.I'll try to post more often in the future.

Zdravo svima! Znam da nisam duze vremena objavila post i stvarno mrzim sto nisam ali imala sam dosta obaveza a i takodje ljeto je tako da ne volim da bas puno vremena provodim kraj racunara kad sunce sija i postoji dosta stvari koje mogu da radim vani.Vec znate iz mog prijasnjeg posta da sam isla u Grcku i da sam se tamo lijepo provela.U ovom postu zelim sa vama da podjelim jos slika sa mog putovanja i da vam pokazem koliko mi je lijepo bilo u Grckoj.Nadam se da vam ne smeta zato sto sam ovoliko slika upload-ovala. :) (Zadnje 3 slike su iz Niša,Srbija)
Zelim da se zahvalim svima koji su me dosad zapratili na GFC,Bloglovinu i na bilo koji drugi nacin.Potrudit cu se da cesce objavljujem postove u buducnosti.

Trip to Greece! #1

Hi everyone!
So as i said in my previous post today i'll talk about my trip to Greece.I went in Greece with my class and spended there 7 days.It was amazing.We visited a lot of places like mountain Olimp-Zeus bathroom,Paralia,Katerinis,Thessaloniki,Zeitenlik etc.Each day we had a plan where to go and after visiting something we would come back in our hotel,hotel Victoria,change our clothes and go on the beach.There are a lots of small shops in Paralia and also in Katerinis so as a person who loves shopping i was amazed ^_^
In shops you could find a lot of summer clothes,bags,accessories and so more,so a lot of my friends spended their money very soon,but oh well who can blame them.
In Paralia there are also a lot of little shops,don't know actually how to call them where people sell food like ice cream,corn,sandwiches etc.Also in Paralia you can find a lot of souvenir shops where you can purchase a lot of things that has something in common with Greece.
I had a great time in Paralia but i wasn't amazed so much with the sea because no matter how hot it is outside the sea was always very cold.I also got scratched by some grass in the sea,don't know what even scratched me but i don't have the scratch anymore.If you ever wondered would you go to Paralia or not i would recommend you to go.Just find some 4 stars hotel (mine was 3 stars but the food wasn't nice,everything was unsalted) and enjoy yourself.
Also when we were returning back we stayed one night in Nis,Serbia.The city is amazing,i'm very nicely surprised with it.I always somehow tought that Nis is a smaller town but when i went out with my friends for a walk i was shocked.There are plenty things to see in Nis.We went to see Skull Tower and also walked through the city.I would recommend everyone to visit it and stay at least one day.
I couldn't choose which photos to upload and which not so i've decided to show you my trip to Greece in 2 posts.
Hope you like the photos!


Hi everyone!
I know i haven't been posting in a while but i had a lot of exams so i didn't had time to focus on my blog.Since the last post on my blog a lot of things happened.
First of all i went with my class in Greece and spended there 7 days-i'll do the next post about it-and also i received 2 days before my trip a package from a lovely store-ROSEGAL so i've decided to show you the things that i've got.For this post i went with a friend of mine to take some pictures on different locations and after that we went to a cafe for an amazing ice cream-the best in my town i would say.But let me get back to my package :
I've ordered a nice,small,black bag which can go with any outfit you want but i've combined it with my black dress from Choies and black sandals from H&M.
The bag is excellent,really nice quality and it reminds me like one of expensive Chanel bags.Also as i said before i think it's perfect for any outfit combo.
The other thing i ordered is a cute ring that looks like a little mouse that got his tail around your finger.I'm very happy and satisfied with the things i've got and i would recommend them to everyone.
Thank you all for following me so far and commenting on my posts :)

Dress-CHOIES(got it over Spred Fashion store)

Lovely Day

Hi everyone!
This is my first post so i hope you'll like it.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day so i decided to take some photos for my first post.I created this blog a few weeks ago but the weather was bad all these days,so when the sun appeared i was so happy.

Hope you like the photos and my outfit.