Hi everyone!
Before i get to the topic of my todays post i want to say Merry Christmas!! I hope you had amazing time with your loved ones because i sure did.I wish you all the best for this holidays and that they get fulfilled with joy,happiness and love!
Let me get to the topic of my todays post.Last week i left you on Instagram and blog an announcement for Q&A and you sure did left me a lot of questions so i'll be answering them in todays post :)

1)How were you able to reach out to a lot of people and get them to follow you?
- Well i usually visit other blogs and leave a comment or follow them so that way i reach out to other blogs,even though i would love to follow you all and comment on all of your beautiful posts.

2)Do you do a lot of promotions and get featured on other blogs?
- I haven't been featured on other blog as far as i know.I do promotions only with those brands that i find amazing and great to work with.

3)What do you do with your friends when there are no people around?
- Well nothing special,i'm the same person and i behave the same whether there are people around or not.

4)Did you ever had any cooperation?
- With stores yes,many of them actually.With some other blogs no.

5)How long do you have your blog?
- Since march 2015.

6) Which blogs are your favourite?
- Le Happy,Song of Style,Wendy's Lookbook,Sincerely Jules.

7)Is it hard to get followers on blog?
- In the beginning yes,you need to be very active on the blog so you can get many followers.

8)Where are you from?
- I'm from Derventa,small city in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

9)What's your favourite type of jewelry?
- Necklaces and rings.

10)What is your favourite colour?
- Black.

11)Do you like philosophy?
- Yes,it is interesting.I love to talk about it and see other peoples perspective about life.

12)What's your most favourite piece of clothing?
- Hard question for sure.I love all kind of clothes so i can't say what's my most favourite piece of clothing.

13)What's your plan for the future?
- I would love to go to university and study english.I plan also to continue blogging.

14)Would you like to continue in blogging?
- For sure! I love blogging and it makes me happy,so why not.

15)What are your biggest dreams?
- To be successful in what i do,whether will it be blogging in the future or my english studies.

16)What is your favourite book?
- I haven't read any good book for a long time but if i had to choose one book that i really like,it would be "Wuthering Heights",a novel by Emily Bronte.

17)What is your favourite thing about blogging?
- To share my style and my opinion about certain things.Also to get feedback from you guys,i love to stay in touch with all of my followers.

18)What are your favourite bloggers?
- Julie Sarinana,Aimee Song,Luanna Perez-Garreaud etc.

19)Something you hate?
- I hate being stressed out,tired and to argue about anything.

20)What's your favourite kind of post to write?
- My favourite kind of post is an outfit post.I can write about my outfit,why i combined the things that are in my outfit,why do i love it etc.I find it the most interesting kind of post to write.

21)What's your favourite food?
- Pizza,hamburger,that kind of stuff.I'm not a person who goes on diet and watch out what she eats.

22)Is your blog a job or a hobby to you?
- Well i would say both.I love to do sponsored posts but again i love to post about my outfits and things that i find interesting.

23)What would be a reason for you to stop blogging?
- Being unhappy with it and just finding it stressful to keep posting my posts.Also lack of time for my blog could also be a reason that i stop blogging.

24)Who inspires you?
- A lot of people actually.Some of them are bloggers,some of them like photography etc.World is full of inspiration you just need to look more carefully.

25)What is your favourite beauty product?
- My Sammydress eyeshadow palette.I already talked about it in a post,it is just amazing and i find it very useful and easy to use.

26)What is your career?
- I'm just a girl who stills go to high school.

27)What do you do on your free time?
- A lot of things.I like taking photos,playing games,watching Pewdiepie,Markiplier and other gamers how they are playing games,watching beauty tutorials etc.

28)Do you have any pets?
- Yes i do! I have a golden retriever named Medo(medo=bear).He's a puppy still but oh God,there are times when i really hate him,haha.

29)What is your hobby?
- I don't have any particular hobby.My blog,Instagram and Pinterest are ways that i "kill" my time when i'm bored.

30)Do you like what you are doing?
- If this means do i like blogging,yes! If i hated it i wouldn't be doing it.

31)What is your favourite pet?
- I only have a dog so i can say that he's my favourite pet.(even though sometimes he isn't my favourite,haha)

32)How much did your blog changed your everyday life?
- Well not that much.I still go to school,study and do things that people my age do.My blog doesn't effect that much on my regular life.I only post each saturday because that's the day when i have the most time for myself and my blog.People only get surprised sometimes when they find out that i'm blogging but they are all supportive about it so i haven't had any rough situations so far and harsh comments about my blog.

33)If your blog changed your life was it a positive change or there were negative experiences?
- As i said i hadn't had any negative experience with my blog so far so i can say that my blog was a positive thing(change) in my life.

34)What are your favourite topics on the blogs you read?
- Outfit posts and reviews of the beauty products.Also i love when someone post something about themselves.

35)Do you have a beauty secret?
-Actually no.I only put make up when i'm going out with my friends and i don't wear any make up on regular basis.

36)How old are you?
- I'm 18 years old.

37)What type of season is your favourite?
- I love summer and fall.

38)What made you start blogging?
- Love towards fashion.I wanted to show my own style and to share it with other people.

39)Which social media channel do you find most useful?
- Instagram.I can share photos from my posts there and i'm also able to communicate with you guys and reach to all of you out there who follow me whether on my blog or on my Instagram.

40)What are you really bad at?
- In school i'm bad at maths,i find it super boring.In general i can easily get nervous so i would say that i'm bad at staying calm.

41)Describe your best friend?
- Loyal and trustworthy.

42)What is the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you?
- I actually can't remember what was the meanest thing anyone has ever said to me.I try to forget that kind of things and only remember the good things that happened in my life.

43)What are your favourite songs right now?
- Evanescence-Haunted,Slipknot-Snuff and Staind-Outside.

44)Will you dedicate exclusively to your blog in the future?
- I'll try dedicating myself as much as i can to the blog in the future.

45)Who inspired you to blog?
- No one,it was a thing that came one day on my mind and i thought,why not to start my own blog.

46)What are your plans for 2016?
- To start going on a college,to make my blog even more "bigger" and to just in general have a nice year.

47)What is your favourite brand?
- Christian Louboutin.

48)Which country/city would you love to visit?
- I would love to visit London.

49)Who is your role model?
- I don't have one,i try to be positive and learn from other peoples mistakes.

50)What are your most precious highlights of 2015?
- Starting my blog and to see that till the end of the year my blog grew more than i expected.

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    1. a wonderful post. thanks for sharing. i hope you had a great christmas.
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  22. Nice post! I really liked your answers, and I agree with you. It's really hard to get followers at the beginning. I also love to read outfit posts!
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  27. Great Q and A post, good to get to know you better. Happy New Year.

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  42. We are waiting for your new post! Can't wait!
    Make sure to check out MINE here: beautybyshoppingholicgirl.blogspot.hr

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