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Hi everyone!
Long time no see when it comes to representing you products that are beauty related. However, here I am and today I'll talk about World of Beauty. I had an opportunity to receive some of their products and to test them out for some time. I have to say that I was skeptical at first, because in today's world where everyone are offering products claiming that they are organic and best for your skin, to find a product that really works for you is hard and often in the end, people get all types of skin problems and it takes them months to get back to the condition of the skin they once had.

However, today I'll talk about a brand that made sure to stand behind their claims and that their products are worth buying.

About World of Beauty: "The most beautiful thing is confidence in loving yourself, in this belief World of Beauty brings out the inner beauty and self-confidence in everyone. True beauty is born through your actions and aspirations and in the kindness you offer to others;is being unique, because every person has their own identity and inner beauty, that World of Beauty helps brightening and come out. World of Beauty Natural and Organic Skincare is equipped with international patented technology natural ingredients, aimed to help each skin's care type.
World of Beauty actively participate in validation studies of new alternative tests in the framework of the European Cosmetics Directive. Experience and mastery of the aromatherapy, herbal remedies and vegetable fresh stem cells' complex, have placed World of Beauty at the forefront of Worldwide Beauty Therapies. World of Beauty products are paraben free, paraffin free, cruelty free, efficacy tested, microbiological certified, because we want to give to our customers high quality products respecting nature and animals. World of Beauty is nowadays internationally recognized as the most effective and professional Phyto-Aroma Cosmeceuticals."

When I first heard about World of Beauty, I wasn't expecting much so when they offered to collaborate with me, I wanted to see if their products are really good or is everything just a good marketing strategy. In this collaboration with them I received 3 full size products and 2 testers.

What I got:
Full size products:
1) Diamond Global Serum
2) Contour Sublime Cream
3) Cleanser
1) Extreme Jeunesse Aroma Facial Care
2) Aromatherapy Neroli Vivace

Diamond Global Serum:

World of Beauty words about the product: "Ultra radiance beauty serum with pure diamond powder and flower based vitamins. Remodel skin microrelief, age lines minimizer. Unique fast acting Beauty Serum for face, neck, bust; refines your skin with a deep hydration sensation. Apply AM and PM."

My thoughts: The serum comes in a really good quality packaging (trust me, it is really good cause the product fell from my hands so many times and the bottle never got damaged) and you get 30 ml of product inside. The manufacturer says that this product refines your skin with a deep hydrating sensation and I can agree. For all of us that have dry skin. this product will feel amazing once applied. I never got any skin issues while using this product or any of the World of Beauty products, so that's a big plus and also, from all the products I received, this one smells the best. It has a sweet smell (I would compare it to a bubble gum) and plus the hydration part, how could someone not like this product?! I used this serum after the cleanser and after applying it, I would apply the Contour Sublime Cream.The only down thing about this product is the pump. When you press it, the serum goes everywhere so I would always push the pump really near to my finger so the serum wouldn't splash all over my bathroom. If World of Beauty fixes the pump, this product would be perfect! In any case, I still think the serum is really good and I will continue to use it. Retail price of this product is 89,80€.

Contour Sublime Cream:

World of Beauty words about the product: "Ultra-effective contour eyes cream, ideal for all skin's types. Infused with the precious botanical complex, this extraordinary Anti-Pollution daily treatment helps diminishing and preventing signs of ageing, while moisturizing, smoothing and firming contour eyes area. Skin appears instantly and long lasting so fresh, smoother and with an improved elasticity. Apply every AM and PM after cleansing."

My thoughts: I was searching for a new face cream in local drugstores when World of beauty offered me collaboration, so when the package arrived and I saw that I got a new face cream, I was very excited to see how will it behave and what kind of results will I get from using it. The package is really well made and you get 50 ml of the product inside. I would maybe remove the World of Beauty sign from the lid to make the packaging look even more luxurious, but that's just my opinion. In the terms of how much I liked the smell of the serum, well, that's just how much I didn't like the smell of this face cream. I would describe the smell mostly herbal, with a really strong accent on lavander (I really don't like the smell of lavander). Anyhow, I decided to give this product a chance and I used it for quite a long time together with all the other World of Beauty products. This face cream will give you hydration but I really didn't like the smell of it (even though it disappears after 10-20 seconds on your face) so I don't think I'll continue using this face cream. On the plus size, this product didn't gave me any skin problems (redness, pimples etc.) but again, the smell turned me off from using this product on a longer-term condition and I think I'll just pass it to my mom. For all of you that do like the smell of lavander, I would recommend you this because the face cream really gives hydration and it soaks into your skin really easily, not leaving any trail or greasiness.Retail price of this product is 82,80€.


World of Beauty words about the product: "100% natural make up remover-cleanser-sensitive skin-removing waterproof make up. Delicate and fresh cleansing gel for contour eyes and lips. with native extract of Chamomile, Alfa Bisabole and Vitamin B5, Contour Eyes&Lips nurtures the epidermis and eyelashes cleansing gently sensitive skin and even the most resistant make up. Apply locally on face and contour eyes with a cotton ball. For all skin types. Frequence of treatment: every evening or to remove make up."

My thoughts: From all the products I received from World of Beauty, this one I love the most! In the packaging you get 200ml of the product and I'm already almost at the bottom of it, that's how much I love it. I use this product on a daily basis, whether I want to cleanse my skin or to remove my make up and allow me to tell you, I haven't came across a better product for removing make up so far! I tried bunch of stuff like micellar water, all types of wet wipes and cleansers and this one proved to be the best so far. The best thing about this product is when you apply it on your face and rinse it, it leaves your skin smooth and soft and mostly from cleansers and make up removers I get dry skin and it feels tightened. The smell of this product is a little bit odd (my friend described the smell as "alcohol that is used in laboratories" but I wouldn't say that it smells like that), reminds me of pharmacy store a little bit. I wasn't expecting much from this product but in the end, it proved to be the best one from all the products I received. The pump on the bottle works perfectly fine and the most important thing, the product never stinged my eyes, so you are perfectly capable of rinsing everything from your face and eyes (even that waterproof mascara that sometimes doesn't come off in days, no matter how much you wash your eyes with all kinds of products.) I mostly used this product twice (double cleansing)-once to remove all the make up from my face and the second time to clean my face from all the excess product, dirt etc. The retail price of this product is 32,40€ and I will surely keep using it.

Extreme Jeunesse Aroma Facial Cream and Aromatherapy Neroli Vivace:

World of Beauty words about the product (Extreme Jeunesse Aroma Facial Cream): "For a beautiful smoother skin, hydra infusion. Dry&sensitive skin's type-improves skin defence and resilience."

World of Beauty words about the product (Aromatherapy Neroli Vivace): "Unique combination of Neroli blended with precious Essential Oils. Energizing your soul, leaving skin beautifully scented and nourished. 100% natural. Smooth onto clean skin."

My thoughts: Together with the full size products, I got 2 testers and first of them is Extreme Jeunesse Anti Age Boost. I used this tester couple of times, so I won't be able to give you a full opinion about it. The reason why I haven't used this tester so much is because it is anti age boost and I'm still in my 20's so I don't think I need something like this to involve into my skincare, at least not yet. However, what I can tell you is that the product does give hydration, has a herbal/chamomile smell which I don't mind and that in this tester I got 5ml of the product. Also, this product does come handy to bring around because it doesn't take up that much space in the bag, so I'll try to use it more often by carrying it in my bag. The second tester that I got is Aromatherapy Neroli Vivace product. If I understood correctly, this oil needs to be used on clean skin and also they recommend to apply it under your face and breath it deeply. I have to say that the smell is way too strong for my taste and this product, I really don't like. I tried using it twice, but the smell was too strong so in the end, I gave up. I'm sorry that I can't give you a detailed description of this product like I did on the full size ones, but I just didn't liked this and didn't wanted to force myself to use something that in the end will probably give me a headache (I get headaches from strong scents). For some reason, I can't find the retail prices of these 2 products on the website, so I'm sorry I can't provide you with that information.

Hope you like the post and make sure to check out World of Beauty website for more products! Also, very important thing that I have for you-a voucher discount! You can get 20% discount on purchasing World of Beauty at nearest WB retailer, showing your discount WB2019BBLOG!!

I hope you like the photos since I tried really hard for them to turn out good :)

See you in the next post!


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