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Hi everyone!
How are you? I'm good,currently writing to you from my lovely warm home.
In today's post I decided to talk again about some make up brushes.These were inspired by a mermaid and I have seen so many of these on Instagram that I had to order them and try them out.
I know I have talked and showed you so many of them but I always try to talk about those make up brushes that are worth talking.

This make up brush set I got from NEWCHIC.
I presented to you many things from NEWCHIC store so I think you are already familiar with it and now how many great products I got from them so far and how amazing their store is.

Manufacturer words :
Item Type: Makeup Brushes Set
Material: Fiber + Plastic Handle
Color: Gold
Size: (AxBxC)
  #1: 45x50x160mm
  #2: 35x45x155mm
  #3: 28x40x155mm
  #4: 22x35x150mm
  #5: 15x23x140mm
  #6: 7x30x140mm
  #7: 6x22x135mm
  #8: 5x15x125mm
  #9: 10x10x120mm
  #10: 10x10x120mm

Package Included:
10 X Makeup Brushes
1 X Box

On the packaging it says : " The designer's inspiration is from Mermaid : the fascinating body with her fishtail.Hope every one can start makeup,inheriting Mermaid's beauty and uniqueness! Each brush head adopts special process,soft as velvet,creating a smooth uniform makeup effect."

My thoughts:
I have never before tried out these kind of brushes.They came in a white box that was little bit damaged but the brushes weren't damaged at all.Once you open the white box the brushes were separately packaged and nicely put in the box.In the box you get 10 brushes and I actually got them for 15,33$ (they are now 20,99$ for some reason).The brushes are super soft,easily washed and they create very nice feeling on the skin while you apply your make up.The handles of the brushes are made out of plastic but they are still very sturdy and nice to use while doing your make up.Little bit beneath the head of the brush is the part that easily adjusts your face and is super flexible.I was little bit worried that it will break if I press way too much but it hasn't.
You can find these kind of brushes all over the internet for various prices but I decided to get these because of their price and curiosity to check out how these brushes will apply my make up (as I said,I got them for 15,33$).What I love about these brushes is that they blend my make up so nicely.While using these brushes I didn't had to press that much to blend my foundation,concealer and to do the countouring.I haven't tried to apply eyeshadows with it cause it seems a little bit weird for me so for applying eyeshadow I stick to my old regular brushes.The brushes fit very nicely in the hand,don't cause any kind of cramps and in few minutes I can do the blending of certain products on my face.The only thing is that I'm not used to use these kind of brushes so it will take a while for me to start using them every day.
Overall my impression about these make up brushes is good and I will use them more frequently in the future.

If you are interested to get these MAKE UP BRUSHES and try them out,you can do it HERE.
Make sure to check out NEWCHIC store for more amazing products!

Hope you like the photos!

See you in the next post!


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  1. Great :)

  2. очень интересные кисти ))

  3. Sviđa mi se, super si ih detaljno opisala :)
    Možda probam!

  4. I love these brushes and have a few myself. Not the same brand though and I love them so!

  5. these look so nice :D

  6. These look so luxe! I love the style so much :)

  7. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  8. Happy holidays beautiful.

  9. Great brushes, I would like to order them, but I really don't get it how to use them :/

  10. Very beautiful set. :) I want to buy this incredible products. :)

    Lots of kisses and I follow this awesome blog. :)

    Kalamira92 blog

  11. Love those brushes, they look so beautiful! <3
    xx Ama


  12. Hi dear! Thaks for stoping by in my blog,I follow you too in GFC and your social networks :) This set of makeup brushes is really nice! I have similar but in black color!

  13. Essas escovinhas são maravilhosas!!! Eu amo ;D
    Obrigada pela visita, linda!!!
    Bom final de semana pra você! Até mais. Beijinhos ;*