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Hi everyone!

This post should've been uploaded few days ago but I got sick and haven't felt good enough these days to type a new post.
For today's post I'm again representing you some stuff from Femmeluxefinery. I am collaborating with this store but again, that doesn't mean I won't be telling you my honest opinion about their products.

Femmeluxefinery is a store that I represented you in THIS post, and today I'll be talking about 2 items: Sweet but psycho T-shirt and Black Utility Cuffed Trousers - Sunny.

When I got the email about collaborating again with this store, they told me to pick 4 items, as they always do. I picked them all but in the end only received 3, since the 4th item never got shipped away. This didn't bothered me that much and I'm sure if I contacted them and asked them what happened, they would've helped me, but I just didn't find this that big of a deal.
When I was choosing what would I like to get next to try out, I saw these 2 items that I'm talking about in today's post and thought that they would look good together and that I could make a nice outfit out of them.

The Sweet but psycho shirt I found really interesting. I love the song from Ava Max and find it really catchy, so that's the main reason why I ordered this shirt. The shirt is made out of a really light material and is really soft.This kind of shirts I find really easy to wear with any type of clothes, since you can never go wrong with a white t-shirt. It is available in different sizes and I picked mine in size M/L (12/14). Also to mention, it is a little bit see through but nothing major that would bother me and that I would find inappropriate to wear.
Together with this shirt, I wore Black Utility Cuffed Trousers. These trousers looked amazing on the website so I wanted to try them out. They are made out of a nice material which is stretchy but they fit me perfectly. The only "bad" thing about these trousers is the belt which has a weird buckle because the pin of the belt isn't long enough to go through 2 holes, but again I managed to somehow make it look ok. Also, these trousers reach my ankles but I thought they would look much more cool if I pull them up a little.
To complete this outfit I wore my Romwe denim jacket that you could see me wearing so many times and Vans sneakers.

Hope you like the outfit and the photos :)

Please let me know down in the comments, have you tried out anything from Femmeluxefinery?

Also make sure to check out Femmeluxefinery website for more clothes and accessories.

See you in the next post!


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  1. Prekrasan look! Radi više ovakvih postova! :)


  2. I love this post, will bookmark this one for sure!

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